MUSIC PICK: Petite Meller – Baby Love

She describes herself as “nuvo-Jazzy pop with childish vocals”, but french singer Petite Meller could start a new trend in music with this little gem.

“Baby Love” is a funky little track that reminds me of the instrumental of “Uptown Funk” mixed with Lana Del Rey / Kylie Minogue vocals. Yes really. Her voice has the roughness of Lana Del Rey during the lower notes, but when she hits the high notes, she sounds like a slightly more high pitched version of Kylie. The instrumental to the track is very much the jazzy pop that she described. It’s very funky and fun and it wouldn’t be surprised to see this song everywhere in the near future. To accompany her “childish vocals” is a completely bonkers music video. Meller can be seen integrating into nature, hanging out with an array of wild animals including a giraffe and some flamingos.

Rating: 4/5 stars

Listen on Spotify now.

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