Ignorance isn’t always bliss…

A shocking video has emerged onto the internet of British woman publicly harassing a number of Muslim immigrants. In the four minute video, she hurls a tirade of abuse at the women and brands them “ISIS bitches” and suggests they are carrying bombs under their coats. She also accuses them of sleeping with the same man and repeatedly referring to them as “dirty whores”.

It’s extremely sad to see a British person who comes from an immigrant background behaving in such a disgusting manner towards current immigrants. The sad reality is that her ancestors most likely suffered similar abuse when they first moved to the UK and therefore you’d expect her to be more sympathetic with these people. However, the hatred stirred up by nationalist parties such as UKIP, BNP and Britain First is creating a small but vocal minority of people who are creating such vocal attacks on innocent people. A recent BBC Three documentary “We Want Our Country Back” was extremely eye opening into the psychology of the situation. It is effectively a group of racists, pretending not to be racist, and exploiting young people, like the woman in the video, who are ignorant and clearly haven’t had the best education, and using them to spew hatred. It’s the sad reality of today’s society that young people are listening to these hateful groups. It’s not different from the young Muslims who listen to the radicalists also spewing hatred towards Western civilisation. As a society, we need to help these people who have become so disgruntled that they turn to extremist ideologies – whether it’s ISIS or the racist groups in the UK.

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