TV Review: Doctor Foster

After hearing many rave reviews for this psychological drama, I found myself finally watching Doctor Foster this week and found myself addicted! I ended up watching one episode each night for the past few days and I would definitely place Doctor Foster as one of the best TV dramas in a while.


The performance by Suranne Jones was exceptional. Her character was extremely layered and despite faults, was definitely a character which the audience was rooting for. Episode 1 was incredible. It might have even worked as a standalone special without the following four episodes. The constant action and tension builds throughout and keeps you hooked. The only time I can remember this happening in recent British drama was the two brilliant series last year – Happy Valley and The Missing. Episode 2 was admittedly a little less action packed and slower, however, the show continued to pack twists in the hour.

Perhaps the most tense and shocking episode is the final instalment. The writers nicely tied up all the loose ends and continued to pack the show full of twists and action. The scene where Gemma Foster finally reveals the truth at the dinner party was an incredible scene and the ensuing moments as she left the room were very well shot. However, the drama didn’t stop there. In some very shocking scenes, the audience is left wondering if Gemma has killed her son before receiving a beating from her husband – something I don’t think anyone would have seen coming!

In fact, the show reminded me of a TV version of ‘Gone Girl’. Initially your allegiances lie with Gemma, however, as time progresses you feel sympathy for the cheating husband, Simon. This is exacerbated by Gemma taking part in underhand tactics and generally going slightly psycho rather than simply confronting him. However, unlike Gone Girl, your true sympathies continue to lie with Gemma, who has really had her world turned apart by realising that everyone in her life – some of her closest friends and of course her husband – have been deceiving her for months. There’s almost a satisfying ending in that Gemma gets to return to her job and continue to live in her home with her son. It’s Simon who ultimately loses everything, as should be the case!

Whilst I would love there to be a second series, I think this show is best left alone. It’s hard to see where they could take the show because it was well concluded in this series. This show is definitely worth watching if you haven’t yet and it’s only five episodes long, so it’s very easy to finish the programme in the short period of time!

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