In this month we’ve lost three legends of British culture

Three legends of British Culture; David Bowie, Alan Rickman and now Sir Terry Wogan have all passed away during this horrible month.

Perhaps this month has been one of the biggest losses for British culture in many years in the form of David Bowie. He revolutionised music and popular culture with his hits including “Life on Mars?” and “Space Oddity”. The outpouring of tributes from all walks of life were quite moving and was a real testament to the power of music and ‘real artists’. Sadly, Bowie passed away following a battle with cancer on 10th January – just a few days after his final studio album was released. One particular song – Lazarus – becomes even more poignant in the light of his passing.

Just a few days later, the nation was once again saddened by the news of Alan Rickman’s passing on 14th January. Rickman also passed away after suffering from cancer and spookily passed away at the same age as Bowie. Before the country had a chance to finish mourning the loss of a great of music, we then had to mourn the loss of a great of film. Rickman had been phenomenal in his career and will always remain one of the best parts of the Harry Potter film series. His portrayal of Snape brought the character to life from the books and cemented him as a firm favourite of mine. And of course it spawned this classic of scenes from the final film:

As we prepared to wave goodbye to an awful month for British Culture losses, cancer struck again. Sadly this morning, it was confirmed that TV and radio legend Sir Terry Wogan had passed away after also suffering from cancer. Wogan of course missed Children in Need last year, and the show didn’t feel the same. It’s tragic to think that he will never host the telethon again for which he had become synonymous with. His witty remarks during the Eurovision finals were also purely worth watching the contest for, and once again the country will be mourning the loss of another legend.

This horrible disease is once again claiming so many lives and causing such a painful end to brilliant careers. However, their will remain forever as each is quite simply a legend of their field. May all three rest in peace and as Lord Sugar put on Twitter today, I can’t wait for the day we can finally beat cancer!

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