To Brexit or not to Brexit?

That is the question on everyone’s minds this week. The developments in the negotiations for a UK deal with the EU has dominated the political headlines over the past 7 days, leaving little else in the spotlight.

2nd February

The main story of the day was of course the unveiling of the UK’s draft deal with the EU. This later lead to discussions throughout the week dominating the headlines each day. If anyone wants to read the official letter from EU President Donald Tusk, you can do so here.

There was a large number of initial reactions to these proposals. David Cameron said in response to Laura Kuenssberg (BBC Political Editor) that he had delivered on his promise through these proposals. He pointed out that people stated a proper renegotiation would never happen, and he has achieved this. All his demands have been properly addressed and he hopes the public would take this into account.

Of course, Nigel Farage rubbished the deal by calling it “pathetic” and “not worth the wait”. Meanwhile, Leave.EU co-founder Richard Tice said Cameron was trying to deceive the British people by saying there is substantial change when there is nothing except a restatement of the status quo.

Two key Tory figures – Boris Johnson and Theresa May – who have been suggested as leaders for the leave campaign both seemed scepticle about the deal. Both stated that more needed to be done, May stated the proposals provided a basis for a deal.

3rd February

Wednesday brought about Prime Minister Questions, which was dominated by the previous day’s announcement. Boris Johnson challenged Cameron’s deal and asked him to clarify just what powers were actually being transferred back to the UK (after previously making a statement in the press stating Cameron was making the best of a bad job). Cameron responded that the proposals are not perfect and the EU won’t be perfect following this deal, however, the UK will be in a better position after the deal is concluded. The SNP’s House of Commons leader Angus Robertson also challenged Cameron by stating he should stop pretending to have won a major victory. He stated he hadn’t secured the treaty change that had been promised as well as other points.

It once again looks like we will have another 7 days dominated by EU arguments over the next week as we edge closer to the EU Summit on 18th-19th February.

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