No deal yet for David Cameron at EU Summit

For the last two days, David Cameron has been working hard to negotiate on behalf of the UK to gain a better deal to remain within the European Union. This has been touted as the crucial summit to reach a deal for Downing Street, if they are to meet their preferred referendum date of 23rd June.


Cameron understandably looked very tired this morning as he arrived for the second day of talks. It is reported that he didn’t leave until 5am local time and returned a few hours later for more talks. The most we were able to learn from him this morning was that he had “made some progress”. He reiterated that the talks would continue until he achieved the best possible deal for the UK.

So just what is causing such a delay in reaching a deal? You can remind yourself of the issues which Cameron is seeking to address here. One issue is that France is “digging its heels” over greater protection for the City of London. Francois Hollande is against the financial regulation which would create one rule of Eurozone countries and another rule for the non-Eurozone members. Another sticking point has proved to be the issue of Sovereignty and a UK opt-out from the “ever closer union”. Greece is also unhappy with the UK over the potential migrant crisis problems which could be created. Greece wants Britain to commit to help keep Greece’s borders open with other countries since the closure would result in migrants being stuck in Greece.

A deal should be reached by tomorrow. Nigel Farage has already said the lack of a deal this weekend would result in a Brexit. Another development this evening has seen Michael Gove reportedly join the LEAVE campaign. This is potentially massive for them, since Gove is a fairly high profile Cabinet Minister and a close friend and ally to David Cameron. Gove supporting LEAVE could lead other high profile Cabinet Ministers to follow suit.

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