Britain and Russia: May has looked like a Prime Minister for the first time


Theresa May is the woman no one expected or particularly wanted to be Prime Minister. May is the uneasy compromise between the Tories personified into a “leader”, who through the willingness on both sides for this uneasy compromise to remain in place, has survived some pretty awful scandals that would be sure to end another PM’s career. And following an pretty turbulent and weak 18 months or so for Theresa May, she may have actually just looked like a Prime Minister for the first time in the escalation between Britain and Russia.


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Best songs of Q1 2018: Jorja Smith, Kendrick Lamar, Camila Cabello and more…

We are just three months into 2018 and yet we’ve seen some incredible new song releases from both those already established in the world of pop and some newcomers too. There’s been some great songs, such as “IDGAF” and “Finesse” that were on 2017 albums and ruled the charts in 2018. However, for those purely new songs here’s the best 2018 has offered us in Q1 according to me.

Jorja Smith ft. Stormzy – Let Me Down

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