Birmingham’s Best Eats: “A little costly but worth it”

Fazenda, 55 Colmore Row

Birmingham’s dining scene is thriving and anyone based in the city or just visiting will certainly be spoilt for choice. As a local born and bred Brummie (minus the awful accent) here are my key tips on navigating the increasingly exciting culinary options that Birmingham has to offer.

A birthday? Celebration? Or just looking to splash some cash without breaking the bank too much? These are my top 3 “a little costly but worth it” dining options worth a visit or two in 2019. Not quite the upper end of the market, which will be the subject of a future post!

Harborne Kitchen | High Street | Harborne | British

Harborne Kitchen is experimental and modern British dining at its best. In the affluent suburb of Harborne, it’s a little further out compared with the other recommendations on this post. However, it’s worth the trip! The restaurant creates both visually stunning and incredibly interesting food. I can certainly say, I’ve yet to experience such an exciting combination of foods elsewhere in the city. Despite the fact you feel as if you’re eating Michelin Star food, the vibe of the restaurant is very relaxed and fairly informal. A positive is that the menu regularly changes, so you can’t ever tire of eating there (which is good as the menu itself is relatively small on any given day). The contrast between suburbian eatery and Michelin Star restaurant is quite remarkable! And whilst experience compared to your average suburbian eatery, the quality of food makes it feel very worthwhile.

Opus | Cornwall Street | City Centre | British

Opus, like Harborne Kitchen, is one of the fine contemporary British eateries in the city. If you’re looking for good quality food which delivers value for money, this is a solid option for you. With a fixed price of £32.50 for two courses or £37.95, it’s still affordable yet luxury at the same time.  The menu itself isn’t large, but the select few dishes on offer a delicious range of twists on familiar classics as well as those more quirky options. A good way to describe Opus is your favourite local restaurant with rose tinted spectacles but that also feels like a severe injustice to the quality of cooking and exceptional service it offers. If you’re looking for familiar favourites with some interesting additions, then this is certainly the place to be in the City Centre!

Fazenda | 55 Colmore Row | City Centre | Brazilian

Fazenda offers an experience like no other in Birmingham. Opening  up in the more classy side of town at the Colmore Business District, like Opus, Fazenda offers a premium experience at a premium price for any meat lovers. You will be accompanied by a ‘traffic light’ coster. If you’re on green, it means you want more meat but if you’re on red, it means the waiters won’t serve you until you’re back on green. There is a huge range of meats, making Fazenda the finest Rodizio in town. Aside from the meat, it’s not a place to take your vegetarian or vegan companions. There is an incredibly extensive salad bar that probably rivals any other salad bar in the city, but sadly that’s all that remains available for non-meat eaters. If you’re a meat lover and enjoy not just dining out but an experience, that Fazenda is for you!

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