Britain and Russia: May has looked like a Prime Minister for the first time


Theresa May is the woman no one expected or particularly wanted to be Prime Minister. May is the uneasy compromise between the Tories personified into a “leader”, who through the willingness on both sides for this uneasy compromise to remain in place, has survived some pretty awful scandals that would be sure to end another PM’s career. And following an pretty turbulent and weak 18 months or so for Theresa May, she may have actually just looked like a Prime Minister for the first time in the escalation between Britain and Russia.


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Theresa May has announced plans for a snap election in June – but why?

This morning, with no prior warning or leaks, Theresa May stunned the political sphere by announcing a snap election for 8 June 2017. Despite repeatedly insisting there would be no election until the planned one in May 2020, May and the Tories have made a massive u-turn. However, the shock factor is created by May’s own actions rather than the circumstances.


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Is this a new era of “woke pop”?

The term “woke” has been coined on social media as being the state of realising the current political state that has developed in 2016. The rise of “woke pop” appears to be starting with recent releases from Beyonce, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Skip Marley. But is it a genuine revolution in popular culture or something that will be short-lived? Just how impactful has this been so far?

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No deal yet for David Cameron at EU Summit

For the last two days, David Cameron has been working hard to negotiate on behalf of the UK to gain a better deal to remain within the European Union. This has been touted as the crucial summit to reach a deal for Downing Street, if they are to meet their preferred referendum date of 23rd June.


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EU Referendum: The developments so far


As most people will be aware by now, the Conservatives pledged to carry out a referendum on EU membership by the end of 2017 in their Election Manifesto. After the General Election victory, the policy was outlined in the Queen’s Speech and since then David Cameron and his key aids have been attempting to renegotiate the UK’s membership deal in order to achieve a vote to remain in the EU.

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The number of people registering to vote spikes for deadline day

Just a brief blog post to applaud the news that over 500,000 people finally registered on deadline day –  by far the biggest number of people registering in a single day this election. The second highest day was National Voter Registration Day on 5th February, which attracted 166,000 people to register.

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